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We help you Eliminate Financial Distress, Build Financial Discipline, and Achieve Financial Freedom.

My name is Alan Nelson. I enlisted in the Navy at the age of 20. At that time, I was living on my own, attending community college and working full-time to make ends meet, but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life.

I enlisted in the military for reasons probably common to most: a desire to serve the country, learn skills and hopefully learn what I wanted to pursue in life, and get my education paid for…or at least earn a degree debt-free.

A Mentoring Approach

  • I was fortunate to earn a commissioning program after a few years in the Navy and went on to serve as a career submarine officer, retiring as a Navy Commander. What I loved most about serving was mentoring Sailors to improve their personal, professional, and especially financial life.
  • Like most military personnel, I wasn’t taught anything about personal finance and investing growing up. Through years of self-study and many personal mistakes, I’ve learned a great deal and hope to prevent people from making the same mistakes I did.

  • As a young officer, I would bring in outside personnel to “train” my department on investing but realized they weren’t very good, they didn’t really care about the people and didn’t provide actionable steps for my team – so I started teaching it myself.

We created Military Money Maneuvers with the following Mission:

Provide education and training on personal finance and investing in order to Eliminate Financial Distress, Build Financial Discipline, and Achieve Financial Freedom for our Servicemembers.

We look forward to helping you navigate your personal finances with military precision to achieve financial independence and your best life!

Alan Nelson

Enlisted in the Navy as E-1, earned a commission as an officer, and retired as a Commander (O-5), submarine officer.

B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UT Austin

M.A. in Political Science / International Relations from the University of Mumbai, India (Olmsted Scholar Program)

MBA  from University of Southern California

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