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Building wealth or changing careers takes time, plus deliberate and consistent action to make it a reality. We’ve provided free resources below to help you along the journey. Let us know if you have questions or if there are specific tools you would like provided.

Resources to help you build wealth

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4/12/2024 Traditional v Roth and Lifetime Tax Mgmt

Differences between traditional vs Roth contributions,the 3 buckets, Effective tax rates, RMDs, Roth Conversions, and implications of the TCJA sunset

* Updated 2/4/2024 Retirement Investing Vehicles & Strategies

TSP/401(k), IRAs, Brokerage (taxable accounts), HSAs, social security and more

Roadmap to Wealth

Hierarchy of saving and investing for military and private sector. Get started today!

Personal Finance & Investing – Military

How to start saving and investing and a prioritized list of actions to take

*Updated 12/9/2022 Pers Finance & Investing – Pt 1 of 2

Put it in writing that you pledge to save money, reduce debt and build wealth starting today

*Updated 1/6/2023 Pers Finance & Investing – Pt 2

How to invest wisely, action steps

Quarterly Net Worth Tracker

Track all accounts and include graphs and pie chart

Pre-Tax vs Roth/ Lifetime Tax Mgmt

Current Tax rates, effective tax rates, military advantage,

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) & Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Details about ESPP & RSUs including how they work, tactics to minimize taxes and comparison to normal taxable brokerage account transactions.

Inflation, Recessions and Bear Markets

Discussion on what they are, how to mitigate challenge, and make lemonade out of lemons

Average 401(k) Balance / Net Worth by Age and Income…are you on track?

Discuss latest 401(k) balances and incomes by age, and Net Worth by age and income. Using formulas for  Wealth and Prodigious Accumulation based on age and income to see if on track, and steps to get there.

Umbrella & Life Insurance, and Updated 2023 Retirement Plan Limits

Understanding Umbrella Insurance and Life Insurance types (term vs. whole life/permanent vs Universal Life) and how much protection is needed. Additionally, updated 2023 contribution limits for 401(k), IRA, HSA, FSA, etc.

All About Credit (Part 1 of 2)

Understanding how credit works and how to build / repair one’s credit. We cover credit card debt statistics, car loan info, FICO and VantageScore, factors affecting credit, cost of bad credit, and how to protect yourself

Veteran-Specific Topics


3/8/24 Insurance and Protection Part 1 of 2

Discuss Insurance and Protection to include Health Insurance Options and HSAs and FSAs, Umbrella Insurance, and start of Life Insurance (discussed SGLI/VGLI, and Survivor Benefit Plan), but due to time constraints will delve deep into Life Insurance and Planning on Part 2 next week.

3/15/24 Insurance and Protection Part 2 of 2

This discussion focused on life insurance including SGLI, VGLI, Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), along with the types of life insurance (term, whole life/permanent, and universal). 3 different approaches to calculate life insurance need (Human-Life Value, Needs Approach, and Capitalized-Earnings Approach). We also revisited PLUP (Personal Liability Umbrella Policy) and its importance.

TSP: What to do with it post-military

Keep it there, roll to IRA, 401(k), cash it, annuitize. What’s best for you?


Factoring in any Pension / Disability into Retirement Plan

What defines Financial Independence, the impact of pension/disability on retirement funding need. We also discuss Social Security, review Medicare and IRMAA, Discretionary vs Non-discretionary expenses, WEP and GPO, and updated 2024 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits.




Investor Policy Statement

Statement of your general investment goals and objectives including specific information such as asset allocation and rebalancing

Savings Pledge

Whether it’s x% more next year, fully funding Roth IRA, etc….let’s make a commitment, TODAY!



Resources for Your Career Transition

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Company Research Form

Getting organized is key to success. Use this form to answer important questions about prospective companies to begin preparation for potential interview, and have available in case opportunity comes months later

Industry Research Planning Form

Form to help you list group of industries or companies within an industry to plan to research.

Information Interview Questions

Key to learning about a company, various roles, and networking into the company is the Information Interview. This form has my favorite questions to ask along with a larger list you may prefer.

Questions to ask potential employer at interview

An interview is a two-way street as you are interviewing the company as well. Here are some solid questions to ask an employer

Super 6 Critical Interview Questions and How to Answer

Initially obtained these questions from Bill Loeber, and he’s written a great book, EMPLOYMENT after DEPLOYMENT: Using the Operation Hand Up System for Your Transition. I attended from his Operation Hand-up transition program and it was outstanding and recommend his book that provides all the details I learned in his course. While each interview is different, most all include minor variations to these most critical interview questions. Provided to help you prepare and rehearse ahead of time. Let’s do this! Email me with questions.

Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

The Super 6 are the ones to spend the most time preparing and rehearsing, but this file gives you a larger list of the most common questions to enhance your interview prep. Crush it!

Career Transition Workshop Brief 

*Updated March 2024* As requested, posted the brief provided to new transitioning personnel on 3/14. Hope you find it worthwhile, contact us to present to your team.

Navigating the Job Offer Process

Discussed the nuances of the job offer process, including negotiation of salary and benefits and other areas of consideration. 

Financial Fitness Friday: Webinar Recordings

These webinars are meant to help each other build wealth and achieve Financial Freedom (Financial Independence)!

Discussions focus on various personal finance and investing topics to help each other get rapidly on the correct path, learn from previous mistakes, and live our best lives.

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