Welcome to Insights!

Welcome to “Insights,” the blog portion of the Military Money Maneuvers website.

The point of my blog is to provide you actionable steps and lessons from many years of mistakes and learning in the world of personal finance and investing to immediately put you on the path to financial freedom.


For efficiency, I will start off most of these posts with a BLUF (“Bottom Line Up Front”) where I provide a short summary and applicable action step as appropriate. Most of you in the military are likely familiar with a BLUF and hope you find this a useful format.

The BLUF will be at the start of the posts, so that you can just take the step immediately as desired and carry on with your day, and if you want to read more detail explaining the BLUF and my story behind it you can read the rest of the post and ask questions, provide recommendations or tell me I’m an idiot or where I am wrong.

Action Options

It’s easy to get paralysis by analysis when initially leaning about investing…and not doing anything instead of getting started. To help avoid this, I’ll be providing a small number (2-3 typically) of what I believe are the best options so that you can hopefully just get started immediately on the path instead of wasting years of potential wealth compounding.

Pay it Forward

In addition to money matters, I volunteer with three organizations to assist transitioning military and spouses as a way to pay it forward – we can’t do it all alone, and know that I received some incredible advice, support and assistance that were instrumental to my transition. Some of the blog posts will be on my transition, the challenges, insights  I’m providing resources I used and others have said they’ve found them very useful in their own transition. A similar paralysis by analysis occurs with transition-this sense that there are so many things to do it gets overwhelming and instead of taking small steps daily, it’s easy to get stressed and do nothing.

Feedback, Please!

I hope you find this a useful format, and if you have any recommendations for improvement please let me know. The whole point is to make this easy, quick and actionable to rapidly get you moving towards financial independence and a life where you can choose What you Want, With Who You Want, When You Want. I look forward to this journey together.

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